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by The Thirtysevens

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PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT! When you were younger, when you were young enough Let’s say, a younger kid, everything was bright, dont you think? When you were younger, you were young enough To say goodbye, look ahead and turn your back, make it count When you were young enough to chase the night oh, baby, baby it’s time to show up what we’re made of dick shaped stars and a very thick blood we took too much more than we could afford Still got rockets in my eyes Out of orbit all the time Still there’s something in my head that’s screaming What about you? When you were younger, a younger kid than today ding your bike in a late summer breeze now that you fucked up once again wash your face and have a drink Your skin is changing and so your dreams Out of your mind and on your knees Are you really praying, are you for real? Yeah, what frightens you so much my dear? What about you? Did you find something worth fighting for? Wha happened to you? Did you play your cards well? It’s not to late… It’s never late!
Rubber balls 02:46
RUBBER BALLS Monday morning shit hits your face and you get used to it Hope that tomorrow something happens and wash it away You need a solution Sort of medication So remember the best time of your life When we spent so many hours throwing rubber balls, having a blast talking to your old man saying things couldn’t be any better looking forward to meet that girl again and again again and again reharsal in my bedroom getting drunk with fucking lemon shit friendzoned by random girls we fell in love with crying in a beer, 'cause that is what a man should do
Spiraling 02:04
SPIRALING In the night when the cretins hop I feel dirt glistening all over my face Stuff a cigarette with shit Legs start pounding and my brain is taking off In the night when the cretins hop A long time friend’s knocking at the door “welcome back apathy, it’s always a pleasure” 'Round and 'round my head keeps spinning I’m all sucked down by the couch, downward Spiralling, baby hold my hand please Vanishing though I sit and stare C’mon baby won’t you spiral down with me C’mon baby sit and stare here with me In the night when the cretins hop I stick out like a sore thumb Smile back randomly Like someone here was smiling at me, yeah! 'Round and 'round….
THE COLD NEVER GOES AWAY What I remember is the sourness of sourg grapes Cheering me up more than beer That smiley face scratched by the rain Shut in a cube and frozen into pose This ain’t a metaphore, no Cause the cold never goes away The cold never goes away Yeah was it cold, how cold can the summer be? I must have drunk too much I guess of those sour grapes It was summer after all, still it was so cold And that cold never goes away The cold never goes away Still I enjoy listening to thats song That makes my bones shudder ‘cause I’ve never been afraid of bearing the weight of my own world so far I never wanted to forget I collected pictures of those days Shield them in my head Inside of me there’s still a place hidden in the snow Tonite it’s getting cold...
I CAN’T TOLERATE IT I don’t wanna go out and stand at the process of taxidermy I’m not inclined to moderate myself So I exaggerate, I exaggerate I don’t wanna hang out To see those jelly brains on high easteem I’m not inclined to moderate my drinks So I exaggerate, I exaggerate ‘cause I can’t tolerate it I can’t tolerate it I don’t wanna live in a perfect world I really don’t want to partecipate I hate it and can’t tolerate it
BE TRUE TO YOUR SKULL “Be true to your school” - You were singing along With your head in the clouds “I don't know what to do, gotta be strong, ‘cause strong is yet my school” So I went in a place I used to wander, thinking about the facts of my life thinking of you, thinking of her, thinking of you.. hold my hand baby and when you get mad trust me dear, trust me and never forget what I’m trying to tell you now: I’m doing everything, everything, everything for you I’m doing everything, everything, everything fot you” Be true to your skull, I was singing on my own With my head in the clouds I don’t know what to do, I gotta be strong Cause strong is yet my skull So I went in a place that I used to wander.. Hold my hand baby, and when you get mad…
A GAUNT PERSPECTIVE Woke up in the middle of a nightmere I must have fallen asleep whillst walking Black sky and a flock of vultures Remind me I gotta go home Bored with every ugly fucking youngster Fuck god and its puking angels I fell down into a dark vertigo Moving on but moving too slow I won’t be sober any longer I'm kinda losing hope Wish I could spread my gaunt perspective On everyone I know Wish I could blacken some skies
JUST YESTERDAY Walking around in circles Miles away from my body Thinking “cigarettes bad habit” Thinking “ I can make it worse” Playing guitar in my living room Having a beer or two Thinking “memories bad habit” Thinking “what is going on?” And I don’t know where I’m going I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow But I know just where I was Just yesterday Losing touch with myself Detouched from the rest of the world Singing something for the ugly Singing something for the old When there’s nothing to entertain you So you entertain yourself and you think you're pretty good at it I guess maybe way too much
Sequels 02:40
SEQUELS Nobody knows my face better than me Sappy movie, I longed for sequels so many times So many people turned to ghosts and it’s alright Who needs sequels afterall, yeah it’s alright One more time my hands are shaking One more journey into the open wound I just wish with all my heart You’re doing your time Nobody knows my heart better than me Solid structure and concrete, yeah it’s a lie To drink sand and to pretend it was whine I knew you well, now it’s over Now it’s over and it’s alright! One more time my hands are shaking...
Shit ghost 01:30
SHIT GHOST Hey old buddy, it’s been ages, I know I know but please let me go Were we friends? Well friend get lost If I turned my back please turn yours I’m so dead, I’m a ghost I was a shit friend and now I’m a shit ghost Nobody cares in the end Don’t pat my back, drop that smile Wipe my face out of your memories I don’t care what goes on in your life I got mine and it takes all of my time
ME AND A BUNCH OF PEOPLE What am I doing here? These people are looking at me and I, I hate everyone I gotta get out of here Rage levels - out of scale I hate everyone (that’s what I’m doing right now) All the smiles and the back pats Are a declaration of war Got a demon in my fanny pack Waiting for my command, to come out
Making space 01:43
MAKING SPACE Sawdust paling into my head Enough to fill a shed I need a mind plunger And drops of turpentine To kick those blodsuckers out of my head To erase that feeling that I dont wanna live with Iìm making space for new stories I’m making space – maybe good ones I’m making space and it’s draining God let me be brave I’ve been tourturing myself Solving riddles from the past No emotion came to help as I faced the darkness And among every wicked thing I’ve done The edge was biting my own tongue Everytime I was getting closer to the bone
The Fools 02:24
THE FOOLS These stairs of rock, werent they bigger? yeah it’s been a long time Such ugly plants are never green The telephone boxes once worked, i remember the sticky floor The boredom turning into fun Yeah we put those days on fire, and we forgot to watch them burn We forgot all those things we once called unforgettable Those plants grow old If i remember one thing then I remember them all I’d remember the secrets I i once have been told I'd remeber the faces I'd remember them all If I forget to grow old , I forget to grow old Broken bottles and middlefinger, yeah it’s been a long time Maybe not that long at all The magic of the world seen for the very first time Yeah like we cared at all
FLIRT WITH DEATH No corner is dark enough to spy No corner is dark enough to hide No corner is dark enough to die Wish I had something nice to say and I forced the words out of my mind I'm glad that someone smiled At a face glued to a body And a body glued to a face I’ve been flirting with death Now I’m gone too far and I can’t come back
MONDAY DRINKERS No aliens, just alienated We disappointed Jesus Christ We all agree that Jesus Christ Was as real as a flying gorilla Fuck the world, fuck that girl I’m such a liar I understand when I liar lies Monday drinkers, thanks for exsisting Thanks for your beautiful smiles Monday drinkers, thanks for exsisting Thanks for your beautiful minds Let’s make a toast, everybody Your bottle against my scrotum please! We used to be such wonderful kids Not those kids are full of shit, yeah So fuck the world, fuck that girl I’m such a lier, so I understand When a liar lies Monday drinkers, thanks for exsisting Thanks for your beautiful mind…


released March 20, 2020


all rights reserved



The Thirtysevens Arezzo, Italy

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